Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blogger Trick: How to Create Animated Banner GIF

About how to create Animation Banner, I already post in here. Maybe there is not yet satisfied with the links that I give to you. This time I will tell you about Animation Banner Generator is a simple to use. His name is GIFMAKE. GIFMAKE is one of its many Animation Banner Generator on the Internet and is very easy to use. This Banner Generator can make nice banner for you. Below I will give you the know how to create it.

1. Please visit the address


2. For example, you want to create an Animation Banner like this: BT4U Banner Chicklet



3. So you need to have the pictures as below:

1. First UploadBlogger-Trick-For-You-1st



2. Second UploadBlogger-Trick-For-You-2nd



3. Third UploadBlogger-Trick-For-You-3rd



4. Fourth UploadBlogger-Trick-For-You-4th




4. Please upload the pictures in accordance with the order you wish


5. When you are finished Uploading, please click Generate GIF


6. Download


Next, you just need to upload your GIF image to Free Hosting Service like Photobucket.

Good Luck!

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thanks the blog the help create Animation Banner, very nice blog.

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