Monday, June 1, 2009

Blogger Trick: How to Create Favicon

Favicon is the icon that's located on the left address bar and tab bar on your browser. For Blogger (Blogspot.Com) already have a default favicon like this Blogger Trick: How to Create Favicon.

Maybe you want a different icon for your blog. How to create a favicon is simple enough. You just need to do some blogger tricks. If you ready start to create costum favicon for your blog, please follow these steps:
Blogger Trick: How to Create Favicon

1. Create image with square size that you wanna make to favicon [ex: 30x30, 25x25]

2. Then open
Blogger Trick: How to Create Favicon

3. Click Browse then choose your image

4. Click Create Icon

5. Click Download FavIcon for save your favicon to your computer
Blogger Trick: How to Create Favicon

6. Open (sign up first if you have no PicPanda Account)
Blogger Trick: How to Create Favicon

7. Go to loggin in PicPanda

8. Then click Upload IMAGE

9. Click Browse then choose your image

10. Click Upload and wait a moment

11. Copy the code in the Hotlink for Websites box

12. ex: <a href=""> <img src = "" border = "0" alt = "PicPanda. com "/> </ a>
Just take the Favicon URL:
Please delete the remaining code

13. Login to your Blogger Account

14. Go to Layout tab

15. Choose Edit HTML

16. Find <head> with Ctrl + F then type the code that you want to find

17. Copy this code

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="CHANGE THIS WITH YOUR FAVICON URL">

ex: <link rel="shortcut icon" href="">

18. Paste the code below <head>


Congratulation! :okay:You have done to Create Favicon for your blog. See the result. If no change, please refresh your browser, or delete your Cookies then refresh again. Good Luck.

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SpideRaY said...

I can only get the HTML to save by adding an extra / after the " and before the > so it reads ico"/> however the favicon still doesn't show on my blogger powered website

SpideRaY said...

Just used cookie culler XPI in firefox to clear cookies still wont work any ideas ?

Does it have anything to do with the Fragment Identifier on my URL after the # symbol

SpideRaY said...

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