Monday, May 25, 2009

Blogger Trick: How to make Text Area

Blogger Trick: How to make Text AreaDo you have to know about Link Exchange? Doing it with the html code blog copying other people are placed in your blog. And you will get a linkback from him. Its function is to improve your ranking in the Search Engine. To facilitate other people copying your blog's html code, place it at the code that is easily accessed by visitors who come to your blog. To do this is to create a Text Area. Did you see the form of a Text Area? Please you see on the left side of this article. There is a box containing some html code. The code is copied by the visitors who want to Link Exchange with me. Do you also want to create a Text Area? Please follow the steps it:

Copy the code below:

<center>This is my banner code. Let's Link Exchange!</center>
<div><form name="copy"><div align="center"><input onclick="javascript:this.form.txt.focus();;"
type="button" value="Highlight All"> </div><div align="center"></div><p
align="center"><textarea style="WIDTH: 300px; HEIGHT: 150px" name="txt"
rows="100" wrap="VIRTUAL" cols="55">PUT YOUR HTML CODE HERE</textarea></p></div></form>

1. Change "PUT YOUR HTML CODE HERE" with your Html code.
example: <center><a href="" target="_blank" title="Blogger Trick For You - Free Blogger Trick for Your Blog"><img alt="Blogger Trick" src=""/></a></center>

2. Go to Layout Tab

3. Click Add a Gadget

4. Choose HTML/JavaScript

5. Paste the code

6. Save

Here are some details about the settings for you:
1. <div align="center"> is for setting where you wanna put the button of "Select All". The option is left, center, or right. You can change it.

2. value="Select All" is text on the button. You can change with you want.

3. <p align="center"> is for Text Area setting where you wanna put. The option is left, center, or right. You can change it.

4. WIDTH: 300px You can change this for setting width of Text Area. Please just change "300px". ex: 500px

5. HEIGHT: 150px You can change this for setting width of Text Area. Please just change "150px". ex: 200px

If you don't understand this, please ask me a question. Please leave some comment, question or advice for me in below of Post. For goodness this blog. Thank You.

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This has been a very insightful and useful site for me. I'm a beginning blogger with limited HTML skills but with your aid i can now enhance what i already know. Thanks a million!

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Thanks it is a very good support, now to make text area is definitely simple and easy utilizing your guidance. Thank you

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