Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blogger Trick: How to Upload Photo to your Profile

Blogger Trick: How to Upload Photo to your ProfileIn past Blogger Trick, I have tell you about How to Setting My Profile. Please look in the footer of this page. You can see this my profile with this photo? You can upload your photo in your "My Profile" too. Let people to know more about you. Including your great photo. Because, bloging is just not about writing something to give for people. But, Blogger care about social too like the Followers, and My Profile feature. So Blogging have many function in this live. Now, I tell you how to

Upload Photo to your Profile:

1. Login with you Blogger Account

2. Click Edit Photo

3. On Photograph, you have 2 options.
  • Choose from your computer by click browse
  • From the web: In this option, you must have your photo URL that you wanna put in your Profile. Many Hosting Service on the web, with free or with pay. In this time I give you example of Free Hosting Service. Photobucket is one of Free Image Hosting on the web. You must have account to access your photo inside. If you not have Photobucket Account, you can sign up ( it,s free ). Already have the account, please login with your Photobucket Account, then Upload your photos (you can do multiple upload). Next, you have URL of your photos. Please copy the URL (http://.......jpg). And paste in the From the web form box.

4. Save Profile

Now your charming photo has publish. Everyone on the world can see your Sweet Face. Happy Blogging My Friend.

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