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Blogger History: Easy to Share People Mind

Blogger History: Easy to Share People MindLong time ago, if someone wanted to have the idea that in sharing, these things will be expressed in a note book then sent to the newspaper. That only memories past. Now, if you have ideas, all people can easily distribute to all in the blog. Because the blog is very easy to make, free of charge and can be a land of business. Internet network is now available everywhere, and even can be accessed via mobile phones facilitate the people in the blogging activity.

Around 1990 is the first look blog in the virtual world. Blog is the most likely first is What's New on Mosaic Browser created by Marc Andersen in 1993. Mosaic is the first Internet browser before the Internet Explorer and Nestcape. Until 1998, the number of Blog is still small. Because at that time required specific skills and knowledge about creating websites, HTML, and web hosting to create a Blog. So that only those working in the field of Internet or Web Designer who is able to create a Blog.

Now who does not know Blogger or Blogspot. Free blog service provider is a large company that is able compete WordPress. And is a provider of free blog number one most in demand in the world. Blogger is a blog publishing system that was originally created by Pyra Labs on 23 August 1999 and is a dedicated blog-publishing tool that is first to help popularize the format. In Februari2003, because the very popular, eventually Pyra Labs Acquired by Google. Many features that are free after the change.

In 2004, Google introduce new services "Picasa", namely an application for organizing and editing digital photos. This service is then combined with a photo sharing utility Hello into Blogger service, so that Blogger allows a user to post photos in their blogs. On May 9, 2004, the "Blogger" redesigned the main display, the various changes made in Blogger to add various features such as web standards-compliant templates, individual archive pages for posts, comments and post using email.

On 14 Agustus2006, "Blogger" has launched the latest release in "beta" with the code "Invader," and the release version of Gold in the same time. Blogger users make this move to Google servers and come with some additional "new features" in it. In December 2006, the latest version of Blogger is no longer in "beta" and in "May 2007", Blogger has really moved to Google servers.

Here are some screenshoot since 1999 until now:


Blogger History: Blogger Page Screenshoot 1999


Blogger History: Blogger Page Screenshoot 2000


Blogger History: Blogger Page Screenshoot 2009

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